Maison A | Boutique treats all personal information received from visitors and customers as confidential. Data is used to process orders as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Maison A | Boutique does not provide third parties with the personal data of customers and visitors, other than parties that are involved with the payment procedures and shipment of orders.

By placing an order the customer gives Maison A Boutique the right, to use his or her personal information, where necessary. These data are preserved to the extent necessary for the purposes for which the data were obtained and processed by Maison A | Boutique: the execution of the contract, for marketing purposes and for maintaining contact with the customer. Personal data are only shared with third parties if expressly authorized by the customer, if the release of information is required by law or to protect the rights, property or safety of clients or others.

Our website possibly contains links to external websites that are the property of other organizations. Third parties may collect personal data of visitors through these websites. Maison A | Boutique is not responsible for the content and privacy policy of any and all external websites.

The data exchange via the webshop is conducted in a safe manner. This is done via a secure data storage unit, which works via a secure connection with a 256bit SSL certificate.
Personal information, payment information and sensitive private data is encrypted. Passwords are also stored encrypted.

Social media
The website of Maison A | Boutique offers the opportunity to share information and images through various social media. The use of these functions can lead to the collection or sharing your data by third parties. Maison A | Boutique has no control over how your information is collected, stored, used or shared by others or to whom it is published. Check the privacy settings of the social media that you use to make sure that you understand what information they share, and whether you agree with that.
Do not use the social media functionalities if you do not want Maison A | Boutique to share data with or about you via social media. For example clicking on a "Like-Button" to a product.

Acces and modifications
You have the right to view your recorded personal information, to modify the information to note that you no longer want Maison A | Boutique to communicate with you in the context of marketing.
Upon request Maison A | Boutique provides the customer with a list of all registered and logged information that can be used to trace his/her identity. Personal information can be modified, corrected or updated and there can be requested to delete personal information from the database. Personal information requests are answered only to the email address which is set by the corresponding (user)name in the database.

A request for inspection of the registered personal information or changes can be submitted via e-mail: