Maison A | Boutique is a fashion brand inspired by the muses of A MODELS AMSTERDAM.

MAISON A | BOUTIQUE is the brainchild of the duo behind the international success of A MODELS AMSTERDAM. We have been passionately managing the careers of a very small group of models for years and their individual characters form the inspiration of our brand.

To see our models grow into strong, independent women is the biggest privilege of our work. In the course of the years every single one of them developed a personal style that is a perfect reflection of her identity.

With our muses in mind, we have put together a permanent collection of special and affordable pieces. Every single item is intended to emphasize the strength and beauty of women.

Our collection combines key items from the past, present and future. MAISON A | BOUTIQUE wants to make the world just a little bit more beautiful by inspiring an encouraging women to wear a style that emphasizes their inner and outer strength. Just like our muses do.


Kim Hamersma & Radouane el Ouardi